Hands-On 8 HOUR Sculpting Class

8 hour Sculpting Class
Haus of Bling International by Mary Negron PRESENTS:
An 8 hour HANDS-ON Workshop
Date: Sunday, December 2nd, 2018
Location: Digits Nail Bar, 315 S. Belair Rd., Martinez, GA 30907
Time: 9am-5pm
Cost: 250$ (Payment Plan Available)

FREE 200$ Kit of HOB International products included to be used in class

Come to class with nails off of non-dominant hand, LED lamp and extension cord

This class is designed for all Skill levels that desire to make more money SCULPTING NAILS the Haus of Bling way: FAST, EFFICIENT, LONG-LASTING QUALITY and FUN!! You will learn how:
- To Master the application of Sculpting Forms and CUSTOMIZE them to fit your clients natural nails.
- To prevent lifting & eliminate cracking and breakage.
- To “LAY AND SLAY” acrylic perfectly
- To “FILE WITH INTENT” and finish your clients nails with Mary’s “Around the World” Filing techniques - To increase your speed by learning HOB INT’s “Salon Sculpting Technique”
- To CHANGE your client’s natural nail shape into the nails they have always dreamed of!! - To MASTER todays hottest nail shapes Coffin - Almond - Ballerina - Stiletto - TO MAKE MORE MONEY IN LESS TIME!! Work SMARTER, NOT Harder
- To GIVE THEM A REASON to Never go anywhere else.
- To MAKE MORE MONEY!! To reserve your spot please visit, www.hausofbling.com
Payment of $250 is due by November 30th and is non-refundable and non-transferable. (Payment plan available)

Instagram: @hausofblingint
Facebook: Haus of Bling International
Website: www.hausofbling.com
Email: Mary@HausofBling.com
Phone: 706-589-1983