About Me

Nail Artist Mary Negron has been perfecting her craft for over 14 years, transforming people into the beautiful person she sees within them. She believes that each person is incredibly unique therefore creating a different style for each individual.  Clients don’t just come to her for the nail service but for the entire experience; she is known not only for her professionalism, creativity, and quality but for her one on one time with each person. “I walk out not only feeling more beautiful, but feeling as if I can be a better person; Mary just isn’t my nail technician, she’s someone who sees me and allows me to be me. For two hours, I know I can laugh, cry, and become beautiful!”- says one of her clients.

Mary became interested in art at an early age. Learning from her mother, a natural artist, the beauty of colors and shapes, the depth of how a single photo or painting can change your life if even for that moment. Knowing something so simple to one person could have such an impact on someone else is what interested her in becoming the nail artist she is today. Transforming her big canvases into the small curvature of a fingernail is a challenge she takes on boldly yet humbly.

Mary gets her inspiration from art, fashion, and day-to-day inanimate objects that the conventional eye wouldn't consider. She somehow transforms the lines or curves into a nail design, “I feel like art is all around us, how can one run out of designs when the options are endless everywhere you look? All you have to do… is open your ‘eyes’” says Mary. She is particularly skilled with making someone’s vision come to life, themed nails are her favorite. She blends her superior technique with the personality of the client and comes up with something characteristic and stunning.

Her work is not only unique but recognizable; everyone knows when you've been ‘Blessed by Celeste’. Whether it’s how your nail glitters or how the intricacy of her designs demands the attention of others, you will fall in love every time.