#TopicTuesday "How do you deal with difficult clients??"

Your having a GREAT DAY! You got to work early, No traffic, the Barista got your coffee order CORRECT, so you're haveing a SMOOTH SAILING type of day...
Your first client sits down... Stone faced, no smile.. looking very melancholy.. as if her brand new puppy just came down with "Puppy-itis" and her life is ruined!!! 
I'm a vibe person... sooooooo...
I get to hold your precious hands for 2-3 hours at a time... This contact is VERY intimate.  Very CLOSE!! How can you not connect with a person when your holding their hand?? I can think of nothing more intimate....
One thing that I INSTANTLY pick up on is NEGATIVE VIBES...
I know if your having a bad day... (its all over your face)
I know if you don't like me (happens more than you know)
I know if your nervous and unsure of what you want... (I can feel it thru your fingertips!!)
You ask your client, "What are we getting today??" She scowls.. "Didn't you read my appointment??"
What do you do??? 
Do you Pry? "Are you okay?" 
Do you ignore the VIBES and continue the job??
What do YOU do?? 
Comment below!! Let me know how you deal!!

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  • Ashley

    You ignore and reroute the question and say just trying to take your mind off whatever’s bothering you… it’s written all over your face this is your time to pamper yourself so enjoy it. 😉 We can’t let their vibe bring us down you have to redirect that energy and remind the client this is their time to relax and pamper themselves.

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