The DAY after...

It's only a few days past my 26th BIRTHDAY and I fell FABULOUS!! (And for those of you that believe me, well, I'm also related to the KARDASHIAN FAMILY...SMH!!) 

Any-who... the day before my birthday, I began the TURN-UP SESSION, RIGHT AROUND 2 IN THE AFTERNOON... So, needless to say, I was in bed by 8pm and didn't do a THING for my birthday except RECUPERATE all day on my actually birthday.. Age ain't nothing but a number.. Obviously, I still think I'm 21.. (Jesus take the wheel)

So, I drug my ass out of bed around 2pm on my birthday and just relaxed in my "NOTHINGS" all day.. literally.. Until about 11PM that night.. The RAIN was coming down like CRAZY and I was JUST about to go to bed.. Watch the video below to find out the rest!!








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